Virtual Ethernet Performance for Jetson Xavier NX


We are going to use virtual ethernet support in jetson Xavier NX, referring to other discussion topic looks it support, i would like to know how about performance at PCIe x4.



I am not sure what virtual ethernet you are talking about. What do you want to do with that?

As like to the topic discussion, does it validate on Jetson Xavier NX?

Yes, NX supports the pcie endpoint mode. But not on NX devkit.

Thanks WayneWWW, does Nvidia test the performance of vnet under endpoint mode?


Checking this internally. Will update later.

Yes. We got around 5Gbps with this interface.

Thank you.

May I know what’s config of PCIe at the 5Gbps test? (ex: link width and link speed).

Link width 8x, Link speed: Gen4