Virtual inheritance

Hi there!

I need to implement virtual inheritance in my code, but I’m having a weird problem, when I change the inheritance from: public YYY to public virtual YYY I get this error:

NVC ++ - F-0155-Compiler failed to translate accelerator region (see -Minfo messages): Unexpected name table type (zzz_ba.cpp: 380)
NVC ++ / x86-64 Linux 20.9-0: build aborted

Everything is working fine without the word virtual, has anyone seen this before?


Yes, we’ve seen it. Our support for virtual functions is under development, but not available yet.

Hi bleback thanks for the quick reply. I realized I was running on a slightly older version, I managed to recompile it on a machine that has the latest version (21.7) and the error is gone. Do you think it’s ok to proceed or should I wait a little bit longer for newer versions?

Maybe I don’t quite understand what you are doing. Can you include a code snippet?

I was thinking of a structure like this:

class Object
class XXX : public virtual Object
class YYY : public virtual Object
class ZZZ : public XXX, public YYY