Virtual Reality integration in manufacturing training and development

I am looking to, in short form, upload the specific machinery in my plant to be utilized and accessed through VR. For example, if I have a packaging machine, Id like for that machine and all of its components to be available in a virtual setting so my new employees can practice and learn on that rather than on the production floor on the physical machine. Please let me know how this would work, I am just in the beginning stages of this idea. Thanks in advance!

Hello @tdobizl1997! The first place to start is by installing Omniverse. You can download and install the individual version for free to help you get started.

I recommend that after you install Omniverse, you install the cache and nucleus apps first. The cache will keep Omniverse working fast and Nucleus will allow you to transfer files between apps in the Omniverse ecosystem by using the USD file format. Be sure to keep your cache files up-to-date!

Now, download the Omniverse App Omniverse XR look over this link and be sure to check out our quickstart guide.

Here are some videos that may help!

Be sure to check out the Learn tab on the Omniverse Launcher to see more tutorial videos to help get you started.

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I am focused on Visualization of complex data, which includes CAD models. OV XR allows one to view very complex CAD models with Raytracing and Global Illumination. I am not aware of any other way to view complex CAD models in VR, with this level of realism. I am not an expert at what you are trying to do.

OV XR is in beta and it’s unclear to me how you would create an interactive training model, at this time, entirely in OV XR. I suspect that you would want to use Unreal Engine 5 to create the interactive training and possibly use the OV connector to use OV VR for rendering. UE has datasmith for translating the CAD models to Polygonal models, which will be needed for VR. I have not tried converting CAD models with OV but OV has a connector that can convert CAD models. Also, PIXYZ is probably the best application for converting CAD models, so you should check that out.

I would also recommend watch some tutorials and videos on “Digital Twins”. Ultimately, this is what you probably want.

Hope this helps some.
Brad Carvey

My idea is go beyond that for training.

I can collect data from the machines and equipment with sensors, show it in real time in a VR scene, and a user could send a Maintenance Work Order to the ERP. I’m on the back-end side of the thing: I can read data from a sensor, I can create the WO automatically in the ERP, and I have the knowledge to build the Work Order inside the ERP. Now, I need to connect the dots in the XR space.

Please let me know if you’re interested to collaborate on this.

In fact, there are many scenarios of an enterprise that could benefit with XR.

  • Gustavo Barizon