Visible seam in CC character skin

I had a fun yesterday studying the new interior lights setup + Natasha character:

I managed to light the room in a way that my sun (direct light) also bounced light all around the room, and without bad large noise on wall. This was something I have fought with before…

I see there is tiny noise at some parts of the rooms assets, but I can try to solve that myself… At least first let me try :P

But now the issue is the visible seam in Natalie´s skin:

I have not tweaked the character anyhow, It is how it was exported from Character Creator. So let me share the scene to you?

If I deactivate the SSS from body material, the seam is not so visible:


But that is not a solution.

Hi @pekka.varis! I am working on finding the right person to direct your post to. Thanks for your patience!

Hi @pekka.varis ,
I am not sure why it happens.
for diagnostic steps,
if you enable Subsurface,
but remove micro-normal map micro-normal mask and roughness - subsurface mask maps, on Head,Body,Arm these 3 materials, will it helps?

if you also remove normal map, will it helps?

So let me share the scene to you?
if it is ok, can you share the scene and also the cc avator or cc project?

Weien Reallusion

micro-normal map micro-normal mask
removed for all 3 materials

roughness - subsurface mask maps removed for all 3.

normal map removed… No help this far.

Here is Natasha as it is exported, just one large rectangle light, Path Traced. Just to check it was nothing my interior scene caused…

see, I don’t have any clue now.
Can you share the project of Natasha with just one large rectangle light ? @pekka.varis

PM sent :)

Hi pekka.varis ,
sorry for the late update, finally have time to investigate,
I notice before export, in the original .ccProject
the seam already existed, but not obvious if didn’t look near enough.

I think the large bright rectangle light just amplify this seam
Do you remember how did you make this character? using HeadShot?
or just buy it from content store?
– update: I don’t think it is main reason for it, I’ve update in the next post

I’m still checking if using native OmniSurface made by NVIDIA, does the seam exist?

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Hi @pekka.varis,
I check using the built-in OmniPBR material, the seam is not so obvious,
but with the built-in OmniSurface, the seam is more visible.

I’ve forward your USD along with my tests to ask NVIDIA rendering experts for help.
I’ll upload here once I’ve got any reply


Hi @pekka.varis

NVIDIA expert has found how to solve it, remove the specular weight image in Std_Skin_Head material should help

original reply:
So part of the issue is that the OmniSurface Std_Skin_Head_0 material has a specular map bound to it that the Std_Skin_Body_0 does not. Removing that image cleans up the skin quite a bit.

It still should be noted that with the OmniPBR materials, there is a line between the head any body