VisionWorks 1.6 from Jetpack 3.2 not working with TitanV under Ubuntu 16.4

On running the Stereo_matching example we get the following error:

[NVX LOG] vxProcessGraph: Internal CUDA error

Error: vxProcessGraph(main_graph_) failure [Status = -1002] in file Stereo_matching.cpp line 94

The vexing fact is, that using the 1080 instead of the TitanV everything wotrks fine.

We fear that the TitanV is not compatible with VisionWorks.

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Which driver version are you running?

We are using 390.48

I suspect that OpenCV might be the problem, it’s not yet compatible to the Titan V’s cc 7.0. Maybe check if that has been added in git so you could build it from source. Otherwise you’ll have to wait until they add it.

Thank’s for your fast reply.

1 : What is Titan V’s cc ?
2 : We are using OpenCV 3.3.1

What should we build from source? OpenCV / Nvidia Driver?

cc = compute capability
GTX 1080 = cc 6.1
Titan V = cc 7.0
See this for a list:
You will have to build OpenCV from git source, 3.3.1 is definitely not supporting the Titan V. But I don’t know if the current git version of OpenCV supports the Titan V yet, better ask there first as otherwise even building it from source wouldn’t help.

I’ve checked the git source and it includes Volta architecture and cc 7.0, so building it should fix your issue.

Should also work with OpenCV 3.4.1

Ok, sounds good. Will the latest opencv version be compatible with all other components of JetPack 3.2 ?

See this thread about JetPack, OpenCV and CUDA:

So we just downloaded and build OpenCV 3.4.1 from github successfully.
The code runs with the 1080 but still not with TitanV. The following error shows up:

[NVX LOG] vxProcessGraph: CUDA error: no kernel Image is available for execution on the device
Processing graph failed, Status -1002

Hence I assume OpenCV was not the issue.

Do you have any other hints?