Visionworks access?

Awaiting my Jetson TK1 shipment and wondering if the VisionWorks SDK is already loaded on the device? I have submitted this form weeks ago and not received any reply. Thanks!

I have the same qustion.

I had the same issue.

After about a month I sent a message through and they sorted me out the next day :)


What did Nvidia tell you about VisionWorks SDK?

For anyone interested, I’ve sent off a contact form requesting this info. I’ll post back here when I get a response.

It should be preloaded, but you might want to back it up as soon as you get the board. Doesn’t look like you’ll be able to download it publicly, at least for now. From this article,

…access to the VisionWorks is currently restricted to a select group of developers who must sign an NDA and have an application designed as proof to Nvidia that the applicant is serious about using VisionWorks as a core foundation.

Odd that they’re giving it out with the TK1, but I guess that shows enough commitment.

Not so odd…purchasing the tk1 on nVidia’s web site requires the non-disclosure agreement, as well as the info on not being FCC type accepted.

Hmmm purchasing a TK1 from …say Tiger Direct…does not require a non-disclosure AFAIK