VisionWorks -- an array to vx_image

Hello there!

I would like to create a vx_image out of an array. Let us say i have 2D array:

unsigned char img_array[720][1280]={{..},{..}, ... }   // filled with some values

I would like to make it


type, so that i can perform various operations on it. Any other idea to do the same thing would also be fine.

Also, I would like to add/sum all the pixel in the image/matrix, is there a ‘Sum’ functionality in OpenVX like in OpenCV? I can interop the part of the code but fear latency during interop.

Thanks in advance!


You’ll probably want to ask this on one of the other forums more closely related at:

This forum is basically specific to hardware which predates GPU computing.

Thanks, i have created another question on ‘Vision’ forum, as i could not able to forward the same thread there. Apologies for that.