Visionworks custom node

Hi guys, recently started to explore NVIDIA visionworks which I believe to follow the OpenVX standards and allow graph optimizations on computer vision programs.
Still I have one question, since HAAR/LBP multiscale cascade search is apparently missing from the OpenVX standards, and also missing from the Visionworks library how can I build my own LBP cascade custom node and integrate it on the rest of the Visionworks package?

Hi Bruno,

Just as you said, you can design custom node for your use case.
In visionworks document, we demonstrate custom nodes with function that sort an array of keypoints.

For more detail, please refer to visionworks document:

VisionWorks Toolkit Reference
VisionWorks API
User Custom Node Tutorial

Document is located at /usr/share/visionworks/docs on device
Or just download it at