Visionworks download


I would like to access the vision works code and documentaion. Could you please send me the link to download


I believe this is what you want perhaps? You’ll need to sign up as a CUDA Registered developer if you haven’t already to download the files.

I too would like access to the VisionWorks toolkit and example code. It looks like this website indicates that the toolkit should already be preinstalled on the Jetson–I can’t find it. Can someone show me where I might find it and the example code?

Also, if the toolkit is on the Jetson, why would I have to go to the support page at and be invited?

Just in case, I did sign up at for VisionWorks last week and I haven’t heard anything. When might I hear back from that inquiry?


Same request. I also can’t find any download information of VisionWorks…

Also signed up for VisionWorks toolkit, on, but did not hear back. Where can we get more info on the VisionWorks toolkit? I would like to experiment with it, but don’t know where to start.

I just found a document at: that mentions “Version 0.10 is available for registered partners!”.
Does anyone know how to become a “registered partner”? I think it should be in Nvidia’s interest to let more people playing with this, that will bring more ideas and will help to discover current issues.


The above link “” redirects now to ???!!
Can any one from Nvidia provide support related to this topic.

NVIDIA VisionWorks Toolkit is expected to be ready for TK1 developers in mid-Nov. In the meantime, please use the Tegra accelerated OpenCV4Tegra library.


I am using Jetpack V2.0 and downloaded visionworks v1.0.25 using it. But the downloaded version contains the visionworks library only for Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit.

I was under the impression that visionworks would support Tegra platforms. Is it possible to obtain a version compatible with the Jetson TK1 ?