visionworks error

hello,I want to map vx_image object into cv::Mat object with nvx_cv::VXImageToCVMatMapper,but it needs to include #include “NVX/nvx_opencv_interop.hpp” and #include <opencv2/core/gpumat.hpp> is included in this function,however,this is no gpumat.hpp function in <opencv2/core/> directory in opencv 3.1.0,how should I do?
thank you!


According to topic 1032229, do you use VisionWorks on Windows?

In the README of our latest VisionWorks Windows BETA, it requires to use OpenCV-2.4.13.
You can download and compile it here:


TX2 from jetpack 3.2 is not turning to opencv3? When does it support opencv 3 in windows? Because debugging is more convenient in visual studio, thank you!


JetPack doesn’t support Windows.

It’s recommended to use Linux as host for better support.
To have an IDE environment, you can try Nsight EE for Linux: