VisionWorks on Drive AGX

Hardware Platform:DRIVE AGX Pegasus
Software Version: DRIVE Software 10
Host Machine Version: native Ubuntu 18.04

Is it possible to use VisionWorks library on Drive AGX? The official website says it supports NvMedia VPI. But is it possible to use VisionWorks too?

Is there any disadvantage of doing so?


Hi @SagarS,

DRIVE AGX doesn’t support VisionWorks. You can check below table from

May I know where is the information? Thanks!

Yes, I meant in the question if its possible to install VisionWorks externally on DriveAGX? I assumed it is a set of libraries and as it works on host computer it might work on DriveAGX too.

So if I am right, we cannot install VisionWorks on Drive AGX even externally.

Because it’s not supported, we haven’t tried and we don’t know if it works or not. Thanks!