VisionWorks / OpenVX. vxProcessGraph() in loop got killed.

Hi all,

I put vxProcessGraph() in a loop to process video frames. But after running for a while, calling to vxProcessGraph() will lead to “Killed”. And sometimes I observed that the validater function of my customized node will be triggered after calling this processGraph() and then Killed. The validater function should be triggered once when I call vxVerifyGraph() before vxProcessGraph().

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Perhaps the system was reacting to memory consumption reaching limits. Try running something like “htop” and watch memory as it runs (“sudo apt-get install htop”).


Thanks for your question.
Do you have any error log or sample code can reproduce this?

Generally, vxVerifyGraph() should be called before any vxProcessGraph() and only executed one time when initialization.
Does the validation function launch automatically or by your code?