Visionworks-tracking problem


I tried to use visionworks-tracking in our video processing application.
After tracking objects for several minutes (about 10 objects per frame, 20fps). The following exception was thrown on my GTX1080 pc:

terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘std::runtime_error’
what(): vxProcessGraph(mainGraph_) failure [status = -8] in file /hdd/buildbot/slaves/slave_ubuntu14_3/72-NVX-Tracking-U14/visionworks-tracking/src/object_tracker_keypoint.cpp line 1672

can someone help this?


I guess I’ve found the reason why it crash. By using nvidia-smi, the GPU memory usage is always increasing, we will check why this happen.


Is your device GTX1080 on desktop?


Yes, my device is GTX1080. I found that there was a bug of my program and this exception happened when GPU memory is full.

Can visionworks return error instead of throwing exception in its future release? :)