Vista64+Tesla D870 - Bug in the driver Old bug, still hasn't been fixed...


I have reported this bug in a post here a few months back, today I upgraded to driver 181.20 and the bug still exists.

Using Vista64 and Tesla D870.
Description: Installing the driver, the two units of C870 inside the D870 are not being recognized as CUDA capable.
Patch: When I go into the NVIDIA control panel and I enable Physx for the Tesla D870 then and only then I get a situation where one C870 is being recognized as CUDA capable and the other one is not. Using gpuZ I see that one C870 is ok and the other one has been underclocked by 50%. :wacko:

This bug only occurs in Vista64 and does not occur under XP (I have a dual boot).
The problem seems to only affect the Tesla and not the GeForce 8600GT that is also installed.

This bug has existed in previous drivers and is still there. :thumbsdown:



EDIT: My previous post on the matter with screenshots that look exactly the same today with the new drivers as well:…90&hl=Tesla

known limitation of the control panel right now. There will be improvements to that coming. There might be an interim solution though, let me check…