Visual C++ Express 2005, Anywhere? Visual C++ Express 2005, Anywhere??

Guys - I am unable to find an active link to download the Express version of VC++ 2005 Express. I was using the new 2008 under Cuda 1.0 (with no problem) - but, when I upgraded to 1.1, it fails to compile. I realize now that MSVC 9.0 is not supported…

Does anyone know of an active link from Microsoft?


I hope this is what you’re looking for?

G. G. :wave:

Gandalf - Thank you very much! I easily found the previous versions for direct download via the web, but I couldn’t find the *iso or *img files. This like has both of these so that’s great…

Thanks again!

Thanks a lot Gandalf. You saved my day.

Guys - As a reminder to other new users (such as myself), you must have a corresponding install of the Microsoft Platform SDK installed on you machine to have all of the required .h and .lib files required to run ALL of the Cuda SDK examples.

In order to run the OpenGL samples, I had to copy the required files from the /inc and /lib directories of the Microsoft Platform SDK into the Cuda SDK /inc and /lib directories. I think I could have just added the Platform SDK path to the build directives, as well.

I ran into trouble when I uninstalled MSVC Express 2008 (which worked fine with Cuda 1.0) and installed MCVS Express 2005 - without the corresponding platform SDK.

Thanks for all the help on the board!