Visual distortion/snow on 515.48.07 in GameScope embedded mode

GameScope built from b1c38598ee8b9e96c8f86c195c93048ec2f4341c and running in embedded mode over a HDMI connection.

The performance issues and tearing from the 515.43.04 beta driver are fixed but now there is visual distortion constantly on the screen. This is not seen in X.

I also think I can observe the issue reported elsewhere that frames might be being presented out of order in GameScope (not sure if this is a nVidia issue). It’s noticeable in screen fades which seem to shimmer/pulsate slightly. This also doesn’t happen in X.

gamescope-stdout.log (4.5 KB)

Thanks for reporting issue, I will check internally with team and update.

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This issue is still present in driver 515.65.01 and gamescope built from 65d97cb152e1c3e10b338ca12dc96208f1e0eed3

Same problem here. When using gamescope i have the problem when using native resolution/ and or on the give resolution -W -H. When gaming all other resolutions beneath or above the ‘given’ native resolution works fine. HDMI on a TV.