Visual Profiler 4.2 seemingly not working with a 780 Ti

Hi everyone. Due to some compatibility issues in an existing project I am limited to using CUDA 4.2. I recently wanted to profile some algorithm using the Visual Profiler 4.2 (Windows 7 x64, 780 Ti). The timeline shows up fine, but all the memory related stats are wrong and whenever I try to analyze some other things like “kernel memory”, the application crashes with an error message:
"Unable to locate CUDA libraries and establish connection with CUDA driver.

Make sure that the CUDA and CUDA runtime libraries are on your library path. See the installation guide for more information.

The Visual Profiler will now ext.
unkown event tex0_cache_sector_queries"

This errormessage has also been referenced here in another thread, where a driver update helped, which sadly did not work in my case. I tried it on three different systems. All them run on win7 x64 and the same CUDA Toolkit version, however, two of them have a 780 Ti and one of them has a 560 Ti. And now guess on which systems it works and on which it doesn’t? Right, the 780-Systems crash. Is this a known issue with those gfx cards?

I also tried using Visual Profiler 7.0. This version, however, doesn’t even show the timelines correctly and I also can’t tell it to use Toolkit 4.2.

I have just tried the commandline profiling tool nvprof which said I had the wrong driver version installed. So I went ahead and downloaded the driver offered with the 4.2 Toolkit. Obviously it wasn’t compatible with the 780 Ti because it is so old. This leads me to the conclusion that nvprof and Visual Profiler 4.2 are simply incompatible with the 780 Ti due to lacking driver support.