Visual Profiler 5.0 library mismatch


I am trying to profile a CUDA application built with cuda 5.0 under visual studio 2010. To profile, I use Nvidia Visual Profiler 5.
I get the message: ======== Error: Couldn’t profile application because of library version mismatch

I searched the web for this message but couldn’t find any reference.
What library is the message referring to?


Thanks for creating a bug too we are woking on a fix that will be available with the RC release.

The issue is that libcuinj (a library needed for profiling) has the same name in both r4.2 and r5.0, so if you have both r4.2 and r5.0 toolkit in your path then you may have the r5.0 version of the profiler picking up the r4.2 version of libcuinj.

Not sure if that is exactly what is happening in your case, but it sounds like something similar. Two ways the you can work-around.

  1. if you don’t need r4.2 libraries then make sure r4.2 is not in your path when running visual profiler

  2. in …/r4.2/bin delete/rename cuinj32.dll (or cuinj64.dll). This will prevent profiler from using the r4.2 version of visual profiler, but the r5.0 version should start working.