Visual Profiler 5.5 Issue


I was trying to profile my application on nVidia Visual Profiler v5.5 and I got this error message: “Unable to read the entire session timeline. The displayed timeline may be empty or incomplete because the application aborted or failed to flush profile data before exiting. The Application should call cudaDeviceReset() before exiting to ensure that all profile data is flushed.”. So, I included “cudaDeviceReset()” into my code, however, this did not work. My next step was to try with nVidia Visual Profiler v4.0, and surprisingly it worked! But I would like to work with VP 5.5.

So, my question is, what’s the issue with the VP 5.5? Anyone know why VP 5.5 give me that message?

Thanks in advance.

It might help if you can post a minimal sample code that reproduces the problem… that way you’ll probably know what is causing it and file a bug report under the registered developer portal if need be.

I am registering same issue with VP5.0 (i have cudaDeviceReset in the end of main method). But in VP 5.5 same profiling works just fine.

Are you sure it is VP5.5 ? Because installation of cuda 5.5 didnt make shortcut for visual profiler 5.5 and I was launching 5.0 instead. Check path “c:\Program Files\NVIDIA GPU Computing Toolkit\CUDA\v5.5\libnvvp\nvvp.exe”

Ok, that was my problem. I was using VP5.0 instead of VP5.5. With VP5.5 my profiling session works perfect.

Thanks a lot!

I realize this thread is fairly old, but just had the same problem with v5.5 and v6.0. I finally had to modify PATH system variable and change “6.0/bin” to “6.0_/bin”. Is there an easier way to force the visual profiler to use the correct version?