Visual Profiler: change number of runs? Windows 7 64bit

Hi all,
How do I change the number of runs? Can’t find it ANYWHERE.

Is visual profiler even officially supported by NVIDIA? I see no answers from anyone official…and very few useful answers to any questions.

The profiler always chooses the minimum number of runs possible with the hardware to gather all information requested. If you want fewer runs, select fewer events to monitor.

Thankyou very much.
That answers a lot of questions.

The whole reason for my asking was an odd affect on my program.

When you ‘Launch’ a program it will automatically schedule X number of runs.
The first run performs normally. ALL subsequent runs are severely degraded.

My program regularly reads in from a very large input file and the delay introduced by the profiler manifests in procmon.exe as large delays between normal processing and file access to the input file.

I couldn’t figure out why the first run would work fine but all subsequent runs would be severely degraded in performance time. I’m guessing it’s because the profiler queries different stuff and collects different information between runs? And the first is really nominal counter data (like number of warps exe’d)? If I’m right then it would be nice to have the profiler tell you which data it is collecting on each run.

I also found a bug where if you disable profiling through the gui in the middle of one run, the next queued run will re-enable profiling without updating the gui to let you know profiling has been re-enabled.

I don’t know which information the profiler would collect in which run. But you can find out yourself: Try selecting and deselecting options until only one run is needed, and repeat until all relevant information is collected. Then you know exactly which information is from which run.

Cause that is a completely acceptable solution and I have 5 weeks to click buttons,.

Seriously…thanks for your response Tera. Just stupid to have to