Visual profiler error

Hi all.

I have just installed openSuse 11.1 (64bit) with nvidia driver 190.[something], cuda 2.3 toolkit & sdk. I would learn to use the visual profiler for speeding up my appication. The first try drives my entire system to a freeze. So I have tried with the aligned types example shipped with sdk. In a console I have launched “make” in the example directory and next


next Session -> Session settings, I have selected the executable alignedTypes in its directory and checked “run in separate window” because the program want that the user press “enter” at the end of its execution. Next I have clicked on “Start” and waited the execution for four times. At the end of the last execution the profiler closes up and in the console that I have used for launching the profiler appears this error:

./cudaprof: symbol lookup error: ./cudaprof: undefined symbol: _ZN10QTabWidget15setTabsClosableEb

Someone knows what it means and where I’m wrong for using this tool?

thanks for your answers



No one can explain me how to make the profiler running?

Some more details I think useful for answering my question (data retrieved from nvidia-settings screen):
OS: Linux-x86_64 (in particular openSuSE 11.1)
nVidia driver version: 190.18
X Server info:
version number: 11.0
vendor version: 1.5.2
NV-CONTROL version: 1.18

and other details
VGA: Quadro FX 770m (used each for X server and for CUDA apps)
Graphical Environment: KDE 4.2.4 release 2

In addition I can say that from time to time when I try to profile one app (usually I try to profile the alignedTypes example of the SDK) go like this:

  • at least one time the app is executed correctly and when I hit Enter for closing the output window the second round is started correctly
  • the 3rd or the 4th round sometimes are started but the output window doesn’t appear and the system goes to a complete freeze. One thing: if vlc is playing some music (usually is one Internet stream) it continues his play even if the system is in freeze. Also mouse continues working, but all clicks are ignored and has no effect. Keyboard, instead, appear to be completely ignored by the system. The only way to exit from this state is shutting down the system keeping pushed the power button for 4 seconds.
    thanks for your answers


-edit: added output as attachment
nvidia_bug_report.log.gz (39.7 KB)

It probably means the version of QT that comes with your distro has a symbol mismatch compared to whatever NVIDIA used to build the profiler. It shouldn’t be a problem, though, because NVIDIA also ship QT libraries with the profiler (or at least in my Ubuntu 9.04 version they do).

try running it like this:

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=<your path to cuda goes here>/cudaprof/bin:<your path to cuda goes here>/lib64 cudaprof

and it ought to run without error. If it doesn’t, then the SuSe build is probably broken. I don’t use it so I can’t offer suggestions beyond that.

GREAT, IT WORKS!!! (The first try at least :D)

After the installation of the toolkit I have added /usr/local/cuda/lib64 to environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH, as suggested by the installer, but no /usr/local/cuda/cudaprof/bin, so I only need to export this path to make the profiler running.

Thank you so much! :thumbup:


I wouldn’t recommend making the path addition permanent. You might find other QT applications don’t work, because they will find the NVIDIA shipped QT version rather than the one which SuSe provide. Just make yourself a little shell program to run the profile which adds the LD_LIBRARY_PATH you need for the profiler and run it that way. It will be much safer than making that path global and exposing every application to the NVIDIA versions of the QT libs.

Ok, thanks for the suggestion :thumbup: