Visual Profiler won't work on Kubuntu 8.10?

Hello –

I realize that Kubuntu 8.10 isn’t fully supported yet for a CUDA release, but thus far I’ve been able to get all of the sample SDK code to run, and haven’t had problems otherwise. That is except for when I try to run the Visual Profiler, and I get:

./cudaprof: error while loading shared libraries: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64

So I suppose this is a 32 versus 64 bit issue for a library? When I go to synaptic, I see that I have every libSM offered by the official repositories installed (libsm-dev, libsm6, libsmdbg). Has anybody else run up against this problem and / or have any suggestions?



Oops it looks like the solution is here:…Visual+Profiler

Sorry for the spam! I thought I had read all of the posts on Visual Profiler problems, but it looks like I overlooked this one.