Visual Profiler works fine from command line, hangs when using GUI

Windows 7 64 Ultimate using Visual Studio 2010.CUDA version 5.0.

When I profile the application via the GUI interface it hangs for a very long time without output, but seems to work correctly from command line.

Have two GPUs, GTX 680 for video out and Tesla K20c for calcs (using TCC driver).

My main interest is in profiling the Hyper-Q capability of the Tesla GPU, and trying to generate the visual output in this example:

I a new to this tool, is there any way to get that Hyper-Q timeline output from Visual Studio Nsight?

Just to settle this issue, the problem was that there was a getchar() in the code which was unaccessable when in nvvp, which was causing the hang. Once I commented that out it worked just fine.