Visual Profilter Timestamp problem

Hi everybody,

I’ve been trying to make the cuda visual profilter work on my vista x86 laptop with a geforce 8600GTM.

I can get function calls, functions names, gpu time, cpu time and occupancy but can’t get any more details like you can see if you open one of the already made project.

And even if I open one of the project and run my own session, i cannot get timestamp for example so it does not come from a configuration problem.

Maybe some features are not available on vista or maybe my geforce 8600GTM is not powerful enough to manage high quality profiling.

Somebody had the same problem but he did not have any reply : [url=“”]

Any idea ?



Is there not something in the releasenotes of the profiler saying that this is not yet working in Vista?

Yeah, I’ve read that somewhere for version 1.0 but could not find it inside the 1.1 readme so I thought “hum maybe the did it”.

So you reckon this is still not implemented in version 1.1beta? It’s too bad.

I really wanted to play with these options.



In the CUDA2.3 release on Vista64 there are no problems with timestamps but are problems with counters. All counters are 0 always.