Visual Studio 2005 and CUDA 64 problem 1

I have Visual Studio 2005 Professional , and CUDA 64 .
I start with CUDAWinApp as Windows Form , and get physical copy cutil64D.dll to directory where is this CUDAWinApp . It is allright , all started .

I have question : What do I do in order to do not physical copy . I want write paths . How can I do it ?

I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking; are you wondering if you can have your cutil64D.dll file in a directory other than your project directory?
If so, then go to your project properties, and under the debug section add the path to your DLL to your environment path. If that’s not your question, please clarify

Thank You for Your answer .
Can You direct me , how add this path , step by step ?