Visual Studio 2010 Absolute beginners guide ?

I have a machine with : two tesla cards, visual studio 2010, cuda toolkit 5.0 and NSight 2.2 installed. The toolkit is talking to the tesla cards, I’ve tested/confirmed that. Can someone point me to some documentation that explicitly explains how to get a simple Hello World program to work in a visual studio project? … New project type? add New Item ? …
I’ve tried a lot of different combinations of Projects and ‘new items’, but the global is an error and the <<<1.1>>> syntax is and error. I need this first project to be an idot’s guide to getting started!

The CUDA source should be built with CUDA build rules, that can be applied by selecting “Build Customization” from context menu when right clicking the project or .cu source.

You can reference the Sample project comes with Nsight, or new a project from project template under NVIDIA groupe.

By the way, this question sounds a good one to “Nsight, Visual Studio Edition” forum. “Nsight Tegra” is the product name for our Android development tool.