Visual Studio 2010, NVIDIA AndroidWorks and some questions about debugging Android Apps

I have a Visual Studio 2010 Professional.Ive installed NVIDIA AndroidWorks.I have a tablet with Android 4.1.1 also.Ive been tried to debug simple android NDK application in Visual Studio 2010 Professional on my device, but I received some error ‘Failed to attach: Android 4.1(API level 16) devices are not currently supported’.
Сan I somehow solve this problem or debugger really currently does not support Android 4.1 device?If not supported, are there plans for this in future versions NVIDIA AndroidWorks?I do not have the ability to upgrade the operating system on my tablet.

hi olecsys,
this is caused by android permission issues, not the restriction of the debugger. this is not the case on all Android 4.1 device. It depends on Vendor and their customized Android OS.
You can find the instructions to upgrade or flash os image from your tablet vendor web. A simple way you can upgrade oS is via OTA, you can check it in Settings>About XXX>System updates