Visual Studio 2013 Cross-Compiling for Jetson TK1

Hey there.

I’ve noticed that NSight Eclipse can deal with cross-compiling cuda projects to the Jetson TK1. However I couldn’t manage to install cuda on Ubuntu since it crashes after installation.

Is it possible to cross-compile cuda projects to Jetson TK1 from Visual Studio 2013?

Ty so much.

No, you need to use linux.

I’d like to bump this. I’ve used the Android code works package to build libraries on Windows that are usable on my Android phone (a Pixel 1, which has an ARMV7 chip.)

Suppose I build a static library in that way that has some unimplemented function - could I copy the library to the jetson, implement the function with CUDA, and then link?

I assume the issue with Visual Studio is that there’s no ARM nvcc for Windows, but this may be a workaround…



The only supported cross-compiling environment for Jetson is via linux. You’re welcome to do what you wish, of course.

Yeah I guess I’ll just try it. I figure the Jetson TK1 uses a 32-bit ARMv7 chip, and I can compile code for that on Windows. I’ll post back with results.