Visual Studio global array watch partially broken

See picture

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll look into this and let you know when we have an update.
What version of Nsight VSE and MSVS are you using?
Is gPartID really an int array (or have we been fooled)?
Is the summary data (0,4,3,2,1) correct?
Are you on a CPU or GPU breakpoint?

Using all the latest versions, VS, Nsight, Cuda SDK, drivers, Windows 10. It’s been like that for the last 2 years at least, for me and for all my colleagues. Tried Cuda from 10.0 to 11.3 and compute capability from 6.5 to 8.6.
Summary is indeed correct and the array is of type int. That is GPU breakpoint, CPU displays it correctly. Note it can be reproduced with any SDK sample and any type.

I was able to repo this with an array pointer (vs a sized array) (obvious now from your screenshot : / )
Thanks for the feedback. We’ll let you know when this is fixed in an upcoming release.

Fixed in 11.4.1, thank you. Debugger also works much better in general now.