Visual Studio lib models

I see the cudart.lib is linked using the Multithread model ( /MT ). You should provide also the Multithread DLL mode ( /MD ). I tell you this because i’m trying to use CUDA inside a .NET application and .NET(/clr) requires the /MD model… I tried to use the cudart.lib that you provide linked with the /MT model and emits a lot of linking errors.

Also would be a good idea to provide debug versions… because C CRTs are different than the Release ones ( so can cause memory leaks, etc )

Other suggestion is to include both x86 and x64 libraries together in the SDK. Just put the libs for x86 in the \lib\x86 and the x64 ones in the \lib\x64. Currently it’s a pain because you can’t install the CUDA SDK x86 and then the CUDA SDK x64… because says it’s already installed and you need to uninstall it first… and I need to be able to cross-compile x86 code in Vista x64…

Also would be a good idea to include a small Manager C++ clr .net example… so you can see if the cuda libraries are really prepared for .NET.