Visual Studio rules (CUDA VS Wizard 2.0)

I have instaled CUDA VS Wizard 2.0 (x64) on my machine since I started to develop in CUDA.

However with the file cuda64.rules comming with the wizzard I cannot link programs on debug mode (I get a lot of confilts).

I found out that there is a file Cuda.rules on the NVIDIA CUDA SDK.

Does anyone know if there is any problem replacing the files?

What conflicts do you get? I’ve only ever seen ones from LIBCMT while compiling for debug/emudebug. It only happens on some of my projects and I haven’t been able to track down the cause.

If your conflicts are from LIBCMT, adding “LIBCMT” to Project Properties > Linker > Input > Ignore Specific Library for debug & emudebug always fixes the problem for me.

yes, it was libcmt the reason of my problems. I should told so in the message.

Thanks for the help :)

It turns out that in some cases you need also to add libcmtd.lib