Visual Studio / Windows 10 hosed up since about a month (suspecting Nvidia software)

I am a developer with a Dell Precision Mobile workstation M4800 Quaddro K1100M.

Currently having problems with Visual Studio 2019 16.9.X (started with .1 currently on .3
VS forums are littered with issues related to NVidia NSight and making Intellisense and Autocomplete slow as molasses. I don’t have NSight, but I have the same symptoms as those described by those that have.

In addition Windows 10 Pro has been hosed up as well since I went and installed VS2019 16.9.1
For instance I can no longer switch user account in Windows 10 without leaving this workstation sitting at 100% CPU for all sorts of basic Windows Services followed by Nvidia Container something sitting at 100%. Only remedy I have found is to reinstall the NVidia Drivers.

Driver currently installed 5J1W5-WIN-

Can you get with Microsoft and resolve this issue please, or tell me about a driver that works.

How can I prevent VS2019 from using anything Nvidia, surely Intel HD Graphics should be more than capable to show some colored text?