Visual Studios 2013 Nsight Graphics Debugging Problem

I’m trying to use Nsight Graphics debugging on my project, but I get an error saying:

‘The application was unable to start correctly (0x000007b). Click OK to close the application.’

I’m running this on my laptop, I have the following specs:

Processor: 4th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-4700MQ (2.4GHz 1600MHz 6MB)
GPU: NVIDIA® GeForce® GT755M 2GB
OS: Windows 8

Can anyone shed some light on this problem?

Hi Cehnehdeh,

That looks like your laptop has both Intel GPU and NV GPU, which makes your computer be a Optimus system, unfortunately, Nsight don’t support Optimus system right now.

I am not familiar with your laptop, but you can try to disable the Intel GPU, then Nsight will identify your NV GPU smoothly.