Visualizing trail in Sight

I have an imported map and my robot is localizing (see attached picture). As the robot moves around the environment, I want to be able to plot in the map where it has been. I have been using carter as the example. So this is what I have added to my JSON file.

A node with component below:
“name”: “robot_viewer”,
“type”: “isaac::navigation::RobotViewer”

The configuration:

“node_name”: {
“robot_viewer”: {
“tick_period”: “50Hz”,
“trail_color”: [

And then a channel to sight for the map I’m viewing:

{ “name”: “appName/node_name/robot_viewer/robot”},

Is there anything I’m missing? Of course there is, but I cannot seem to get any plot of where the robot has traversed in the imported map.


I have found that you need to create a new 2D or 3D plot and then link a channel to that plot in order for it to start displaying. You can either create a black plot and then add the channel from the drop down. Or you can add create a new plot directly from the channel as shown in the image. Hope this helps.

Screenshot from 2019-10-03 17-52-13.png

My example above outlines that my map I’m using is where I was trying to use trail with. It was actually found the issues was the channel to subscribe to should be called:

{ “name”: “appName/node_name/robot_viewer/trail”},

This got trail working. There really is no way of knowing what features are included in each package, because it just isn’t documented. We are told of incoming and outgoing messages, but how could we know that trail was a feature of robotViewer without stumbling upon some example or get lucky that someone will answer it? Just a slight rant to NVIDIA.

Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. Nvidia provided the bare minimum in term of documentation and user are left scrambling to figure out the details. But because this engine is new, there is precious little info on the forums to figure out what’s what. Sigh…