vkCmdClearAttachments crashes in Secondary CommandBuffer

Hi everyone,

We’re using a secondary command buffer for rendering which uses the RenderPassContinue flag and does not specify a framebuffer (which is okay according to the spec) and also works when enqueuing draw commands.

However when i try to append a vkCmdClearAttachments command to it the driver crashes and the debugger tells me that some variable called framebuffer is a nullptr. When I pass the framebuffer to the renderpass begin command everything works nicely.

The Validation layers do not complain about my usage, which leads me to the conclusion that it may be a driver bug.
I could not yet test it on different hardware/driver but in my test i used the latest available driver.

Could you please investigate that?

Windows 10
GTX 1070 / driver 397

Cheers, Georg

Hi haaser,

For our engineer to investigate the issue, would you be able to provide a minimum application or code project to reproduce the problem?