vkDestroyInstance(NULL, NULL) segfaults with 367.57

Simple example code to segfault in the driver code:

VkInstance instance;
vkCreateInstance = vk_icdGetInstanceProcAddr(NULL, "vkCreateInstance");
vkCreateInstance(&info, NULL, &instance);
vkCreateInstance = vk_icdGetInstanceProcAddr(instance, "vkDestroyInstance");
vkDestroyInstance(NULL, NULL);

Of course NULL instance from application feels like application bug but specification follows free(3) style handling for NULL that vkDestroyInstance should check NULL instance before using the pointer.

“If instance is not NULL, instance must be a valid VkInstance handle”

The crash cannot happen when using linux loader between application and driver. But I’m checking my test code also directly against drivers which exposes some hidden issues.