vkGetDeviceProcAddr(device, "vkWaitSemaphores") returns 0

As the title states, it seems like vkWaitSemaphores has not been made mainstream on the most recent driver (442.19, which I believe is supposed to be Vulkan 1.2 compliant).

At first you have to enable feature via VkPhysicalDeviceTimelineSemaphoreFeaturesKHR.timelineSemaphore = VK_TRUE; in pNext chain of vk::DeviceCreateInfo.
All semaphores, passed to vkWaitSemaphores must be created with vk::SemaphoreTypeCreateInfoKHR.semaphoreType = vk::SemaphoreTypeKHR::eTimeline; chained into pNext chain of vk::SemaphoreCreateInfo structure.