VkResult* : ERROR_DEVICE_LOST after sending SIGINT

This is a follow-up to the previous issue. In order to detect hang and kill the program and restart from the checkpoint, I manually spawn a thread and set up a timeout mechanism. When the timeout is detected, I send a SIGINT signal to the main process to kill it. However, once I do this, the next time I try to run the standalone application will lead to VkResult : ERROR_DEVICE_LOST

The only solution is to reboot the computer.
Driver version 515.65.01
CPU: AMD 5950x
By the way, the hang issue might be related to driver or CPUs.

I tested the code on a different setup with Intel 8700k.
Driver version: 510.85.02
I never encountered the hang issue.

Yes. That sounds like a driver issue.
We officially support the 470.x drivers currently but I would recommend to upgrade only up to the 510.x drivers.
The 515 drivers is still new and may have some issues with the Omniverse apps.

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