VLC is unable to open the MRL 'rtsp://'

I’m trying to Run a JupyterLab cell that will start the RTSP stream on VLC with the command rtsp:// Here, is the IP address wifi network connected to the Jetson nano via a router. This is resulting in the error below:
Connection failed:
VLC could not connect to “”.
Your input can’t be opened:
VLC is unable to open the MRL ‘rtsp://’. Check the log for details.

How do I fix this error ?
PS- I do not have the jetson nano configured in the headless mode.

The URI is the default address in DeepStream SDK. Please make sure you have the setup on Jetson Nano:

  1. IP address of Jetson Nano is
  2. Have DeepStream SDK installed to


  1. Enable RTSP sink in config file and run deepstream-app

When deepstream-app is running on Jetson Nano, you can launch VLC player on a PC to play the stream.

By the way, a simple setup is mentioned in Jetson Nano FAQ

Q: Is there any example of running RTSP streaming?

@DaneLLL In order to generate a rtsp stream, I would need the IP address of the IP camera connected to the jetson nano and not the IP address of the network connected to the jetson nano right?

Also, I’m currently using an IP camera- Wyze CAM v2
Model number - WYZEC2

I was able to find out the IP address of the above IP camera connected to the Jetson Nano, but I’m unable to complete the full network URL to generate a rtsp stream on VLC

Need help with what the WHAT_GOES_HERE1? and WHAT_GOES_HERE2? part of the URL that needs to be replaced to generate the rtsp stream.

The format of URI is different for each IP camera vendor. Please check with the vendor to get correct URI.

Here are some examples:
Dahua ip camera with jetson nano
Deepstream-app stop working when I change RTSP source in config file - HIKVISION

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