VLC VDPAU playback broken?


I have some trouble when using VDPAU with VLC for DVB-C playback. When watching DVB-C and VDPAU enabled, the movie picture is frozen, only sound is available. I see a still pictrue and can hear sound.

According to your thread above how to debug VDPAU issues I have created a VDPAU error log file and a Nvidia bug report.

Since it seems not to be possible to upload files here, I uploaded the log files to a free file hoster, below I put the MD5 sums.

It would be nice if someone could investigate this, having VDPAU working for DVB-C playback would be a nice thing. Since DVB-C is a straming thing I cannot give you a sample movie file. I use current VLC version 2.1.4.

Log files:

MD5: effaf0b99ef7de04b83ddae67c70dc7e vlc-vdpau-nvidia.log ca 2 MB
URL: http://www.file-upload.net/download-9057888/vlc-vdpau-nvidia.log.html

MD5: e7dd546602b97371ad3341a0894d0d82 nvidia-bug-report.log.gz ca 100 kB
URL: http://www.file-upload.net/download-9057893/nvidia-bug-report.log.gz.html