VM configured with large memory fails to power on when vGPU is attached

On vsphere 6.5 u2 with NVIDIA P40 gpu, VM with vGPU attached stucks at power on with 52% when RAM memory set to 32GB.
When RAM memory is set to 24GB the vm is powered on and work OK.
According to https://docs.nvidia.com/grid/4.3/pdf/grid-vgpu-release-notes-vmware-vsphere.pdf on "3.7 VMs configured with large memory fail to initialize vGPU when booted" we added vm options:
pciPassthru0.cfg.enable_large_sys_mem = 1
pciPassthru0.cfg.extra_fb_reservation = 128
And still the vm stucks at power on at 52%.
Please advise.

Please try the following parameter:

Thank you very much for your help!!!
With your advise I found the relevant vmware kb: https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/2142307
So I added two parameters to the vm options:
pciPassthru.64bitMMIOSizeGB = “64"