VM reboot cause SERVER reboot

Hi all,
I’ve a SUPERMICRO server with a M10 GPU (at the moment i’ve a free-trial license) and as virtualization platform i’m using oVirt 4.4.2.
My issue is very strange and it seems to be a bug because i can reproduce it:

  1. Create a VM (i’ve tested on Win10Pro) with a vGPU and license it (only with license i’ve this issue);
  2. Restart the VM (with RDP o even in oVirt dashboard)
    At this point the server restarts.

All NVIDIA driver’s are update at the 2020-09-30 latest release (11.0).

The VM works very well and the vGPU too. This is my very first test with vGPU and i can’t understand the reason of this issue.

Could someone help me?
Thank you in advance.