vMotion between V100 PCIe and V100 PCIe 32 GB

It’s possible to vmotion VMs between hosts with V100 PCIe and V100 PCIe 32GB?
Why are vGPU profiles different between these 2 cards? They are the same but one has 2x RAM than the other.

vMotion is not possible between these GPUs as these have different deviceIDs so vMotion is not possible.

I see. But, what’s the logic of assign different profiles to these cards if they are essentialy the same?

Unfortunately vMotion is restricted to same deviceIDs. Migrating to different GPUs would be nice but the effort to make this possible would be really big.

I can understand this on cards with different GPUs but not in this case as the GPUs are the same, and only amount of RAM is different.