VMware and GeForce 7xx? (VT-d, VMDirectPasstrough, FLR)

Does GeForce 760 support VMDirectPassthrough (…videocard acceleration inside VMware).
Any AMD Radeon supports it. Always preferred Nvidia cards & will buy Radeon 7950 only if Geforce is incompatible with VT-d.

I’ve read that Nvidia supply some FLR firmware patch upon request.
Please confirm, will I able to Geforce with VMWare or not? If FLR firmware is need - please provide link to download.

Emailed to Nvidia support, they replied “GRID, Tesla and Quadro” are the only supported and they don’t support virtualization at desktop products. Thats bad :(

Good that I bought AMD Radeon 7950 and it supports VT-d!

FWIW, if you hard-mod NVIDIA cards, you can enable VT-d support, but that’s beyond the scope of most people’s domain, much less so a production environment. See: http://www.eevblog.com/forum/chat/hacking-nvidia-cards-into-their-professional-counterparts/