VMWare ESXi 5.1 + MNEH28-XTC ConnectX issue?


I have an issue with using this card in 2 out of 3 Supermicro X8DTT motherboards. On one of them it seems to work fine. On the other two there is an IOMMU error in the ESXi logs and although I can bind it to an IP address and a vswitch, it never sees any traffic and it is unable to ping out. is there any known issues? The motherboards are all at the same firmware level.



Can you check your BIOS configuration?

VMware IOMMU function derived from Intel VT-d configuration.

If you check all X8DTT BIOS configuration about Intel VT-d.

ConnectX VPI also has a problem with Intel VT-d functions.

MNEH28-XTC is a ConnectX families.

I’m not a Mellanox Ethernet products but I guess that has a same architecture.

Good luck…