VMware Horizon (Centos 7) Tesla M60 problem?

After deployment of VMware Horizon 7.0 which used NVIDIA vGPU we have problem with VD (Centos 7 64 bit guest operating system).
When we try to change primary monitor to another (we used four monitors), the screen starting blinking, Centos OS starting to be unstable.
We try to change display setting from NVDIA Control Panel, form CentOS command-line using xrandr command, from GUI CentOS too – the final effect was the same.
We used PCOIP/VMware Blast protocols to connect to VD.
Implementation steps:

  • We install driver for host, NVIDIA-vGPU-VMware_ESXi_6.0_Host_Driver_367.64-1OEM.600.0.0.2494585.vib
  • change TESLA M60 to graphic mode
  • Implementation VMware Horizon Infrastructure - Connection Server - VMware-viewconnectionserver-x86_64-7.0.2-4356666, ESXi version – 6.0.0. 4192238, vCenter Server version - 6.0.0-3634788
  • Prepare virtual machine based on CentOS Linux 3.10.0-514.6.1.el7.x86_64, disable standard graphic driver concerning VMware Horizon manual, Install graphic driver for Centos - NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-367.64-grid, before install graphic driver we added new device as Shared PCI device M60-8Q
  • Install Horizon agent for Linux - VMware-horizonagent-linux-x86_64-7.0.2-4339439.tar
  • Prepare manual pool
  • Connect to desktop, try to change primary monitor to another

We try to find some answers/solutions for this case, but we can’t find anything which is related with our problem (VMware Knowledge Base, NVIDIA Knowledge Base).
Did You have some problem like described above?

I will be glad for help us! :)