VNC Keyboard layout

I installed VNC both in Jetson Nano B01 and PC w/ Ubuntu 18

The VNC connections is working.

Problem: Keyboard layout via VNC (from PC to Jetson) is not the same as the Keyboad layout of PC.

Example: When I send a ‘/’ caracter, the remote device receives a ‘-’.

In which device should be the problem? In PC or Jetson?
And which changes should be done?

Sorry for the late response, have this issue been fixed?

No, I didn’t fixed it yet.

I would suggest you can try different host to verify this issue is on client side or host side.

Also, search such topic over the Internet with the information about your VNC client and server.

VNC is just a abbreviation of virtual network computing but not specific software. There are lots of VNC server/client around the world, so we cannot make sure what kind of server and client you are using.

Also, what kind of keyboard layout is on your host? What kind of layout did you set on your nano?

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The keyboard layout is the same in PC and Jetson Nano 4GB and it is Portuguese-Portugal.

In Jetson Nano I use gnome.Vino.
In my PC I use VNCviewer from RealVNC.
Both of them are suggested by NVIDIA Developer.