VNC Setup for Xavier AGX

I have used the below link to activate VNC for Xavier AGX, but once the AGX is shutdown, VNC is getting uninstalled. May I know the reason, because we did not do any update or upgrade after VNC setup.

Hi akajaykumar349,

The VNC page note:
The VNC server is only available after you have logged in to Jetson locally. If you wish VNC to be available automatically, use the system settings application on your developer kit to enable automatic login.

You can go to Settings → Sharing page to setup.

Hello @akajaykumar349

Please follow the steps in below link to setup VNC:

please keep the following things in mind:

  1. You need to first Enable Desktop sharing by editing “org.gnome.Vino.gschema.xml”, through terminal, this will stop the VNC Desktop Sharing from crashing
  2. Enable " Start the VNC server on every startup", this will automate the process and you don’t have to manually start it every time.

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