Voltage Drop on 5V rail jetson xavier nx

i was connecting my tfmini-s sensor to 5v pin on jetson xavier . It used to work but suddenly i cant power my tfmini-s anymore, i measure the 5v pin (pin 2) and gnd pin (pin6) and i got 1.2v when i connect the sensor, but when i disconnect the sensor i got 5v on measure. I tried several tfmini to the jetson but none of them work. They all working fine when i connect to my esp32 to scan i2c address. I also tried to connect my tfmini-s to 3.3v pin ( pin 1) on jetson xavier and i working perfectly fine even it is below the sensor’s voltage recommendation

Hi, are you testing on devkit carrier board (P3509)? If so, you may need to check if the pin 2 and pin 6 are loose or long time usage. If pins are good, you may try removing Q23 and shorting pad D, S of it, as you can find in P3509 schematic.

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