Voltage monitoring IC in the Xavier NX


We have developed a carrier board for the Nano and the Xavier NX. We referred to the Xavier NX reference schematics for the same. The Reference schematics show IC NCP301LSN20T1 for Voltage Monitoring. This part is now obsolete. Instead of this we have used an alternative IC for voltage monitoring. But, during board assembly, we kept this circuit unmounted.

If my understanding is correct, this IC asserts the SHUTDOWN_REQ* if the input voltage falls under the threshold. In our testing, we haven’t faced any issue testing without this voltage monitoring circuit.

The Product Design Guide mentions this about the SHUTDOWN_REQ*, which is my concern:

The note for the Power Down Sequence also mentions that the SHUTDOWN_REQ should always be serviced by the carrier board.

My question is why the Xavier NX Reference Schematics marks this IC and circuitry as NO_STUFF and has a cross on the components? And whether this IC is required or not.


Sorry for the late response, our team will do the investigation and provide suggestions soon. Thanks

There is voltage monitor design on module for this. So the IC on carrier can be unmounted.

Hi @Trumany ,

Because we will also use the Jetson Nano with our board, I would like to know if the voltage monitor design is present on the Jetson Nano Production Module.



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